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Our Proven System


Building wealth, like most things in life has certain principles (or rules if you like). Applying these principles greatly increases one’s chances of success, whilst ignoring these principles will provide one with average and mediocre results. Our tried, tested and proven system is underpinned by four key principles. We call this the Pyramid of Wealth. Like the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt, which have stood for more than 4500 years, they have stood the tests of time because the base foundation structure and each layer above was built on a broader solid layer beneath. This is also the way to build your wealth to ensure it will also stand the test of time.

  • Desire and Motivation:You need a success mindset. This consists of your beliefs, belief in yourself, your habits and their alignment with achieving and maintaining wealth.

  • Foundation & Structure:Your wealth must be built on a solid foundation and structure. This involves the correct investment and purchasing entities, tax planning, asset protection and allocation, legal structures, and so much more. Get this wrong, and the empire could very well colapse. It also involves surrounding yourself with a mastermind team which are experts in their field.

  • Accumulation phase:Using a number of investment strategies and asset classes to build wealth. This includes capital appreciation, positive cash-flow and instant income strategies.

  • Preservation phase:Here you will preserve what you have created, hold your position and commence debt reduction and potential exit strategies.


Stephen and Monika Jurcevic

Stephen and Monika Jurcevic There was no pressure, absolutely no pressure. He came, we invited him in, he gave us his presentation and the choice was ours.

All of it was done seamlessly. They are great at following up, even before you think of something to follow up, they’re on to before you even know about it. It’s brilliant, brilliant customer service. The process with Anthony and obtaining our first investment property was fairly easy. It was painless. It definitely gave us a piece of mind. You know that in our future, these kids will be set up and we’ll be all right. ...more

Tom and Khali Wilson

Tom and Khali Wilson I think the biggest fear that we had going into investing in property and trying to build our wealth would have been just whether we could afford it to start with. The wealth for life team came in and after just the first meeting those fears were gone.

We always dreamed of giving to our kids, and we can do that now. It’s a reality. We haven’t had to scrounge or even cut back. It’s like nothing’s changed, but we’re getting wealthier everyday. Wealth for Life Institute delivered on absolutely everything they promised. They are the real deal, they took care of everything. Our financial future is absolutely secure. We have income now for the rest of our lives. We don’t just make money now; we manage it and keep it. ...more

Bhavik and Dhara Sarvaiya

Bhavik and Dhara Sarvaiya We have built four properties with Wealth for Life institute over the last 3 years and the experience has been great. We actually didn’t have any clue what so ever about what finance is and how to manage it.

The approach taken for the whole process was quite simple, which was the best point for us because coming for a non-financial background that was the first priority to us - to have everything simplified for us. From the get go is was simple. It was very secure and satisfying. It was all happening in the way that it was explained to us beforehand. The impact on our lifestyle was I would say none. In fact, we felt richer owning so many properties and it’s basically you’re securing your future. We didn’t have to cut down on anything. The impact was in a good way that we stopped worrying about so many things, we knew that we are in a better position. So our lifestyle became better. We believed that wealth for life institute would be the ones who would deliver what they were promising. ...more


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Our team of experts

Anthony Peluso

Anthony Peluso As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wealth For Life Institute, Anthony brings specialised knowledge in financial advisory practice, property investment and business management expertise to Wealth For Life Institute.

He is a passionate property developer, entrepreneur, investor, professional online internet marketer and teacher to hundreds of Australians.

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Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith Kayla started out at Wealth For Life Institute as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Two years later she's now the Sales & Administration Executive & the Organisation Executive.

Having worked from the ground up, Kayla brings with her amazing knowledge and experience in Administration, Customer Service, Management, Treasury and HR.

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Yeshan Walpola

Yeshan Walpola Yeshan is a recent addition to the Wealth For Life Institute team andcomes to us with years of experience and success in the customer service and retail. He credits his success to his put others first attitude.

Yeshan is able to fully understand his client’s position, clarify what they are looking to achieve financially and place them on a simple, safe and secure path to financial freedom.

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